Any decent studio apartment goes from 3100 to 4500 in Manhanttan. You need to figure renting furniture that is not that attractive will more or less cost you around another 700 a month and that is if you stay for longer than a month.

This means you should expect a 40 to 50 % increase when renting a furnished rentals depending on demand of the rental and quality of the apartment. Comparing prices when you do not take into consideration location can seem incongruous.

Keep in mind that life in New York is more convenient and safe when neighborhoods are closer to transportation. You save money in travel and have a more convenient life-style.

At abcstay we choose apartments that have great options for supermarkets, transportation and because of this they are priced higher. Don’t be fooled by good sales tactics. Look at the map and decide what is the right apartment for you.

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