The New York City furnished market is a zoo. At abcstay we make it easy for you to feel at home. Most apartments are furnished with lower end furniture that lacks comfort and style. We hand select the furnishings and decorate in the style that we would like to live in. We also have our own staff of cleaners who pride themselves in the care and maintenance or our fabulous apartments.

Other competitors tend to be less detail oriented and owner occupied which brings a lot of clutter and personal items to your extended stay. Our apartment are dedicated to clients who are looking to feel at home but still want a dedicated apartment that is professional and fully stocked.

We also pride ourselves in our customer service and personal attention. We are not just a platform or a website, we manage each apartment so that the quality is consistent.

Things to watch out for in the furnished world:

  • Pictures with Personal items may indicate the apartment may not be run by professionals.
  • Low prices that seem unrealistic often lead to cancellations or fake sellers.
  • No verifications, reviews or company web-site may lead to fake apartments even in well known platforms.
  • No contract between you and the owner.
  • Do not ever send money in cash via Western Union without verifying owner.

How do you verify the owner?

You can check how long they have been in business and confirm their names as well with the platforms you are working with.

Stay away from renting apartments from un-verified web sites

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